Totem Pacific Contractors, Inc. (Totem) was formed to construct or improve commercial and industrial facilities.  Totem has the in-house capabilities to perform General, Mechanical and Demolition projects.

Most of Totem’s projects during the past twelve years have been repair, remodeling or selective demolition of owner occupied facilities. Because of the logistics of owner occupancy, many standard construction sequences have had to be modified to allow for uninterrupted use of the facilities.  Schedules are modified; resources are allocated differently to compensate for client-imposed constraints, there are added constraints imposed by existing construction.  These challenges force projects to be thought of, estimated, managed and supervised differently than new construction.

Totem’s management and field teams are experts in these difficult projects.  Totem can attract and retain top talent in the office and the field because of the challenges of the projects and through the support of the company owner’s dedication to improve Totem through the use of technology.


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